Calderwood out…. But Who would come in?

November 5, 2008

Rumours are major around the City Ground at this time. In particular about the manager’s future at the club. As we sit 2nd from bottom after 15 games Calderwood’s critics are feeling their doubts have been proven and many have formed the conclusion it is time for the Scot to go. Now a quick glance at the league table and the results we have had immediately points to the exit door for Calderwood however thinking beyond the sacking brings a whole load of other factors into account.

Calderwood shall he stay or go?

Calderwood shall he stay or go?

Calderwood has been intrusted with Doughty’s wallet he has brought in players that will go well in his squad, playing his style of play and doing it his way. You have to be careful about how you choose your next person. It is great to look at someones CV and see how well they have done but the main candidate (Big Sam) introduces football in a completely different way. Big Sam believes that defensive football is the answer only just getting the results week in week out. Calderwood is more of an attacking man. When we look at our squad now does anyone believe we have the talent and ability to sit back and soak up pressure against the likes of Brum, Wolves and the other clubs we are to play? We have conceded a vast amount of goals so far this season and sitting back is really not going to help the cause. Allardyce went to Newcastle another side renowned for good football and brought in some great players (Duff, Viduka etc.) It was all looking good his ideas didn’t match the squad though. Dull defensive football awarded Derby their 1st and last win of their dreadful premiership season something which I am sure the Georides are all embarrassed about still. Allardyce was sacked only a few months into his new job because Newcastle couldn’t offer him time. Time is essential for a manager like Big Sam with a squad like ours simply because of style of play. Unfortuantely a new manager is not going to be offered time at this club if we replace Calderwood we need to look at someone who will make a big impact something which I cannot see Big Sam offering us.

So then who’s next. The recent sacking of Boothroyd I am sure has some forest fans interested and the latest rumour of Laws is a spreading fast. However, I just think the best man for the job is Calderwood. We all have to consider he has had to deal with some major injuries. McGugan and Earnie have been out for a while and we lacked creativity and finishing with neither of them in the side. Not to mention the current injuries recently Cohen, Moussi, Bennett etc. all key players With key players fit we have shown we can be successful. Reading we looked great, Watford we were immense in our comebacks and Charlton we looked strong. I suppose defending has been a major issue but has been resolved now with the last few games concdeing very little and with Earnshaw and Garner returning our attack is looking dangerous too.

Whether or not Calderwood is to be here come the end of the season. I think 4 point from 2 very difficult away games has most certainly bought CC a bit of time and a bit more patience from the fans. Whether or not he uses it I don’t know. What I do know is that we finally have key players returning and I think the squad is finally coming together. If we should sack anyone in my eyes it should be the Physio!

Distant memory for Forest fans now!

Distant memory for Forest fans now!


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